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Our values - what we build on

Our values reflect the attitude with which we conduct business: Our ethics in dealing with our business partners, investors, employees and society.

Future and result focus
Our actions are result-focused. This allows us to secure our future. It also creates a sound basis for the social initiatives of the company and the foundation.

Responsibility and sustainability
We act responsibly in the interest of our company, also taking the social and ecological impact of our actions into consideration.

Initiative and determination
We act on our own initiative, take entrepreneurial responsibility, and pursue our goals with determination.

Openness and trust

We communicate important company matters in a timely and open fashion.  This is the best foundation for a relationship built on trust.

We deal fairly with our colleagues and business partners, and view this fairness as a cornerstone of a corporate success.

Reliability, credibility, legality
We promise only what we can deliver, accept agreements as binding, and respect and observe the law in all our business transactions.

We appreciate and encourage diversity for the enrichment it brings, and see it as essential for our success.