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H1725 Prüfstand

Power transmission in motion

Using linear hydraulic cylinders, enormous loads can be lifted and lowered. Hydraulic drives are often used in mobile machines such as in conveyor systems or construction and agricultural machines. Due to their low efficiency and the associated high energy use, there is still a large potential for improvement.

Moehwald provides accurate and reliable measurement and test systems for quality assurance and the optimisation of hydraulic drives and components such as pumps, motors, control and proportional valves.


A careful dose of performance

Hydraulic drives are used in the field of industrial production, among other areas, where great power is required. This includes, for example, presses, aggregates and rolling mills.

Moehwald will supply you with highly accurate and extremely reliable testing technology for the purposes of optimisation and the quality assurance of your pumps, motors, seals and valves.