High pressure: the path to success

Modern diesel engines are distinguished by their refined operating characteristics and considerably reduced particle emissions - this is made possible by the use of modern common rail injection systems. 

Moehwald offers reliable and high-precision test technology for inspecting the entire common rail injection system and individual components so that these systems can be brought to market and continually developed further. 

CA 4000

Application Test Technology for Common Rail Systems

Prospect CA 4000 (678 kb)Prospect CA 4000 (678 kb)

CI 4000

Application Test bench for Common Rail Components

Prospect CI 4000 (976 kb)Prospect CI 4000 (976 kb)

CRI 4000
Application- and Series Test bench for Common Rail pumps from 0.2-5000mm≥/injection

Prospect CRI 4000 (280 kb)Prospect CRI 4000 (280 kb)

CRI 2000
Test bench for Common Rail Injectors - Licenced by Bosch

Prospect CRI 2000 (1013 kb)Prospect CRI 2000 (1013 kb)

CRP 2000

Module for testing common rail pumps - Licenced by Bosch

Prospect CRP 2000 (455 kb)Prospect CRP 2000 (455 kb)

Accessories for Test benches

Injection quantity and rate measuring unit

Prospect HDA (1128 kb)Prospect HDA (1128 kb)


Accessory for Test benches Injection Quantity Indicator

Prospect EMI 21 (454 kb)Prospect EMI 21 (454 kb)

TWM 2000
Trigger and Angle Measuring Device - Licenced by Bosch

Prospect TWM2000 (831 kb)Prospect TWM2000 (831 kb)