Programmed for optimum test results

In addition to factors such as precision and reproducibility of test results, increasing test bench productivity is an important goal during every new Moehwald development. At the same time, automated test cycles that can be arranged flexibly are increasingly gaining in importance. A significant tool in this area is Prisma NT, the test bench software developed by Moehwald itself.

Prisma NT was introduced in 1997 as a standard software program for Moehwald test benches and is constantly undergoing further development.

The goal of the software is to fill the gap between laboratory software and pure programming languages. The user thus receives a very convenient tool for creating automated test and measuring cycles under his or her own direction. Fully freely-definable or strictly programmed test cycles are made possible by various expansion stages.
Prisma NT can cover a wide range of test tasks - from the flexibility required for research and development work, to the constantly recurring test cycles in quality assurance.

The positive reaction to Prisma NT is evidenced by an extensive list of references.
More than 1000 installations are now in operation worldwide. Particular importance is attached to multilingualism for Moehwald?s international regular customers. Many non-European languages can be supported in the test applications alongside the European languages, including, of course, Chinese and Japanese.