Purchasing and Logistics

The parts we need will be purchased worldwide. First priority is the quality of the product and steady and fix delivery terms. If you feel you are qualified for a long term partnership, please contact one of the persons listed below.

PPM agreement:
What leaves your company is of top quality? Then you can confirm this for us in writing with a clear conscience. Our aim is a fault quota of zero.

SE Design:
The more parts and components we require, the greater the challenge we place on our supply partner, not just as a manufacturer but also as a developer. We expect high levels of personal and technical capacity from you in this regard. The duties and responsibilities of your development department are specified in a separate contract.

Supplier development:
Together, we will set ourselves objectives for our collaboration. We will support you in every possible way to reach these objectives. We will do this in word and deed.

Status of a preferred supplier:
Do you have what it takes to be among the best? Our strategy is to concentrate an ever larger part of our entire purchase volume over a manageable number of selected suppliers. These preferred suppliers will have first priority when we require new parts.

Serhan Kurt

Head of Department
Purchasing, Material Management and Logistic
Department: MH/MAT

Telephone +49 6841 707-126
Telefax +49 6841 707-150
Mobile +49 173 2891180

E-Mail s.kurt@moehwald.de
Steffen Pfeiffer
Department: MH/MAT

Telephone +49 6841 707-120
Telefax +49 6841 707-150
E-Mail s.pfeiffer@moehwald.de

Assignment: Purchasing of mechanical parts

Uwe Nabinger
Department: MH/MAT

Telephone +49 6841 707-121
Telefax +49 6841 707-150
E-Mail u.nabinger@moehwald.de

Assignment: Purchasing of catalogue parts

Ralf Richter
Department: MH/MAT

Telephone +49 6841 707-122
Telefax +49 6841 707-150
E-Mail r.richter@moehwald.de

Assignment: Purchasing of catalogue parts

Daniela Schultheiß
Department: MH/MAT

Telephone +49 6841 707-123
Telefax +49 6841 707-150
E-Mail d.schultheiss@moehwald.de

Assignment: Purchasing of auxilliary supplies

Giacoma Suessdorf
Department: MH/MAT

Telephone +49 6841 707-124
Telefax +49 6841 707-150

Assignment: Purchasing of auxilliary supplies

Qualitätssicherungs-Leitlinie (345 kb)Qualitätssicherungs-Leitlinie (345 kb)

Terms and conditions of purchase (39 kb)Terms and conditions of purchase (39 kb)


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