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Injection valves play a decisive role in direct gasoline injection: Inside the combustion chamber, only perfectly-tuned fuel atomization right around the spark plug guarantees a combustion process that spares the engine and is efficient at the same time.

Moehwald offers tailor-made test technology for use in the development, production and quality assurance of reliable and high-performance injection valves.

DFB 1000

Flow test bench

Prospect DFB 1000 (371 kb)Prospect DFB 1000 (371 kb)

SFB 1000

Spray Form test bench

Prospect SFB 1000 (247 kb)Prospect SFB 1000 (247 kb)

FLR 1000
Leak test bench for fuel injectors

Prospect FLR 1000 (2039 kb)Prospect FLR 1000 (2039 kb)

EMI 21

Accessory for test benches Injection Quantity Indicator

Prospect EMI 21 (454 kb)Prospect EMI 21 (454 kb)