Precision down to the last detail

Diesel injection systems are distinguished by a variety of high-performance and highly functional components. To ensure that all components work reliably and efficiently, a variety of measuring and test procedures are necessary right from the development stage and during quality inspection.

Moehwald designs modular technology for testing electronic and mechanical distributor and in-line pumps. This way, all measuring instruments and test components that are important to the customer can be optimally combined.

CRI 4000
Application- and Series Test bench for Common Rail pumps from 0.2-5000mm≥/injection

Prospect CRI 4000 (280 kb)Prospect CRI 4000 (280 kb)

Accessoiries for Test benches

RTR 2000

Return Flow Temperature Control - Licenced by Bosch

Prospect RTR 2000 (311 kb)Prospect RTR 2000 (311 kb)

RWM 2000

Control Rack Travel Measuring Device - Licenced by Bosch

Prospect RWM 2000 (244 kb)Prospect RWM 2000 (244 kb)

LDA 2000

Boost Pressure Supply Device - Licenced by Bosch

Prospect LDA 2000 (232kb)Prospect LDA 2000 (232kb)

TWM 2000

Trigger and Angle Measuring Device - Licenced by Bosch

Prospect TWM2000 (831 kb)Prospect TWM2000 (831 kb)