Performance at the right doses

The fuel jet profile produced by the injection nozzle is crucial during direct diesel injection - only an optimally deployed injection jet can provide slow and even fuel combustion without knocking, overheating or scuffing.

When used in diesel engines, test technology from Moehwald ensures correctly coordinated, reliable, and hard-wearing injection nozzles.

HDP 2000

Hydraulic Flow Rate Test Bench - Licenced by Bosch

Prospect HDP 2000 (600 kb)Prospect HDP 2000 (600 kb)

DPS 2000

Test Stand for Diesel Fuel Injectors  - Licenced by Bosch

Prospect DPS 2000 (763 kb)Prospect DPS 2000 (763 kb)

Prospect LDV 2000

Microprocessor controlled gas flow meter - Licenced by Bosch

Prospect LDV 2000 (1027 kb)Prospect LDV 2000 (1027 kb)

Prospect DP 4000

Multi-hole nozzle test bench

Prospect DP 4000 (406 kb)Prospect DP 4000 (406 kb)