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Testing technology for gasoline direct-injection systems

Moehwald offers a wide range of testing technology, both in terms of product development, quality assurance, application and endurance testing.

The range includes both test benches for the gasoline direct injection components (in particular, high-pressure injectors and high-pressure pumps) as well as for the complete engine system (pump, valves, rail, engine control unit).

The portfolio for component testing is rounded off by endurance test benches for valves and pumps, some of which also cover extreme thermal boundary conditions.

For high-pressure injectors, the focus is on flow measurements, single injection-quantity measurement (using HDA), spray investigations in transmitted light or using a laser-light cut, and on nozzle leaks.
Depending on customer requirements, the test boundary conditions can be varied across a wide pressure and temperature range, to enable objective-oriented results.

For high-pressure pumps, equipment to functionally test for a wide range of boundary conditions is available.

In terms of application, Moehwald’s test benches offer engine developers or applicators a highly flexible platform, in order to simulate a variety of engine operating conditions.