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Quiet air – 3 fingers hear more than 2 ears
  • 9. April 2018
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Quiet air – 3 fingers hear more than 2 ears

Fans for air-conditioning units are usually still listened to by humans during the production process, to prevent the installation of faulty parts in vehicles. This requires, like all test procedures using a human as a piece of “test equipment”, a high level of human resources and, runs the risk of undetected faults.

In addition, workstations on the production line with the requisite sound-proofing take up a large amount of space.

One remedy for this issue is a “blocked-force” measurement process, whereby the test unit is automatically tensioned and operated as part of a corresponding gauging of force. 3 tri-axial sensors measure the reaction forces at the gauge points, and a decision as to the suitability of the test unit is made automatically. The individual stations can be operated and retrofitted independent of each other. A high level of flexibility in terms of the lot size is thus achieved. In addition, the test stations communicate with a stack system for parts which are incorrect or require further work, and thus ensure the prevention of the incorrect handling of the test units.