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Prisma - the solution for comprehensive real-time data processing

The real-time software Prisma RT and the associated Real Time Electronic (RTE) are the solution for comprehensive, real-time data processing and for measurement and control tasks.

Prisma Real Time – The real-time platform for testing technology
Features The user enjoys the following benefits
A system for all measurement data Direct access to all data, no unnecessary interfaces
RT Studio configuration tool Addition and configuration of components
Simultaneous data acquisition of analogue and digital signals up to 200 kHz Direct assignment of the signals possible
4 additional analogue channels at 4 MHz Elektrical signals mostly require a high sampling rate
Short response times (a few µs) For example, for pressure control which is synchronous with the pump, and for special regulatory requirements
Distributed I/O via EtherCAT Extensible measurement technology
Simulink integration Integration of user-specific models
Online statistics, data analysis Cg measurement, mean value via rotation, etc., determination of parameters
Prisma NT- test bench software

In Prisma NT, users have a convenient tool for creating automated test and measurement cycles themselves. Once created, test sequences can easily be distributed to other test benches.

Features The user enjoys the following benefits
Visualisation of test procedure and service Monitoring and amending
Tool-supported procedure generation Procedure-creation via drag & drop
Interface to Python script language Special analyses