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Diesel challenge

Reducing untreated emissions and improving exhaust aftertreatment constitute the biggest challenges in diesel technology today.

For the most part, these technologies already exist, but must become more cost-effective. Other new developments can bring some improvements in terms of emission reductions.

In addition to technical solutions, chemical solutions involving synthetic fuels may also help render the diesel engine future-proof, regardless of the direction of travel of diesel technology developments

Moehwald’s test benches help product and system developers to make this technology more cost-effective and offer the engine and automobile manufacturers the possibility of fulfilling the emissions standards of the future under real driving conditions.

Many years of experience and continuous further development of the test procedures, in close cooperation with product development for distributor injection pumps, UPS (Unit Pump System), UIS (Unit Injector System), and common-rail systems form the basis for realignment in the diesel sector.

Test benches for Diesel injection systems